What to Know before Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding 101 – What to Know before Rebranding Your Business

Branding shapes your brand. It is the perception of your customers on your reputation, products and services, customer service, and logo. Having a strong brand is the foundation for success. 

Good branding is more than just having a memorable logo. It is your visual identity that boosts the value of your company, motivates your employees, gives them a sense of belonging and direction, and lets you attract new customers. 

Unfortunately, not all branding is effective. If you think your brand needs more work, then maybe it’s time to consider giving your business a fresh look.  

What Is Rebranding? 

Rebranding is the process of changing your corporate image. It is a marketing strategy that gives your business a new name, term, design, symbol, concept or a combination of these elements.  

When Do I Know That It’s Time to Rebrand? 

Rebranding gives your business a fresh start. However, the fact that you don’t like your logo or design does not mean you need to change every aspect of your business. In fact, it’s not always necessary or beneficial. 

Trends come and go. If you have an outdated brand that makes you embarrassed to go on your website and social media platforms, then consider seeking website design services for effective rebranding.  

An outdated brand is a common problem for many industries. In fact, even the big companies experience this. For instance, Google has had seven logos over several years. 

Trying to modernise your design may sound like a good idea, but if you already have a well-established brand, remember to spot the difference between having an old and outdated logo. Do thorough audience research first and work with our skilled website designers in Brisbane to help you build a solid brand identity, distinguish your brand from your competitors, and connect with your audience better.  

Our design team uses a digital-first approach. We start our rebranding process by developing a clear-cut strategy with an outstanding visual character.  

What Makes a Rebrand Unsuccessful? 

Rebranding may involve changing your identity, but if the difference is a too dramatic and immediate shift in appearance, you put your business at risk of getting back as a brand that no one is familiar with.  

You may think that keeping the same business name but having a new design will make your loyal customers know you are. However, your non-brand name visual cues such as your package shape, colours, patterns, fonts, and symbols are the tools that make your brand distinguishable among your competitors. 

Familiarity, trust, and relationship are important to your customers and prospects. If you become unrecognisable to their eyes, they can mistake you for a new or different brand, and they may end up choosing one of your competitors. 

Conclusion – What to Know before Rebranding Your Business

Your ineffective branding may be holding your business back from reaching its full potential. However, rebranding is a risky move, and it needs to be taken with serious caution and consideration. Therefore, before rebranding, discuss with a reliable web design company like ours to help you determine if this is the best option for your business. 

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