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Value Of Your Website?

What is the real value of your website?

Do you know how many sales your website produced last year, if you have a ecommerce site this will be easily answered – if you have a brochure style website you should still know how many leads came from your website and then how many of these turned into actual sales.

Whether you’re selling a $10 product / service or a $10,000 product / service you should reflect back to your website to see where these sales actually came from.

Then you can calculate your CPL (cost per lead) and the CPA (cost per acquisition), knowing these will increase your awareness and then see the real value of your website.

Traffic x (times) Conversion %

Other questions you ask your web traffic analytics;

  • Did they come from your social media profile or activity?
  • Did they come from your online marketing traffic / SEO / SEM / CRO?
  • Did they come from landing page strategy

How many visitors did you get that are potential buyers that left your site because;

  • poor visuals
  • poor navigation
  • cart abandonment due to delivery fees you only find out at the checkout
  • felt the business / website was not reputable enough to continue
  • did not provide an offer

Your website should have a clear pathway for visitors – if this fundamental is broken the sale is gone. 

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