Top 5 Ecommerce Web Design Blunders You Should Avoid

Top 5 Ecommerce Web Design Blunders You Should Avoid

On the surface, an eCommerce website is just a space on the internet with your company’s profile and products embedded on different pages. However, it’s more complicated than you think. 

Many people think that developing an eCommerce website is an easy tick off of your to-do list. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and there are many things you need to consider. Ideally, when you’re planning to develop a website for your brand, you’ll want to work with an expert website design company on this important project.  

Some business owners are aware of what an excellent website design needs; however, are you aware of the design mistakes you shouldn’t make? In this article, we’ve listed five website design blunders you should avoid when developing an eCommerce website.  

1. Messy website structure  

One of the many mistakes business owners make is that they forget to put themselves in their customers’ shoes when creating an eCommerce website. The thing is, you may be familiar with your products and services like the back of your hand; however, your consumers aren’t. 

Avoid creating a website with a confusing sitemap and disorganised category sections. You want to make sure that everything on your website is easy to find and arranged accordingly. Do this by setting up your products in an SEO-friendly way for better search optimisation and to have a logical sitemap and wireframe. This way, your customers won’t get lost on your website. 

2. No review section or community page 

Before purchasing a product, two of the essential factors most consumers check are ratings and reviews. Studies have shown that 92% of consumers will read reviews before buying a product before deciding to buy a product or service. 

It’s essential that you include a community page on your website or even include a review section at the bottom of each product page. This way, past customers can leave reviews and feedback to help your potential customers know why they should make that purchase. More importantly, these comments can help build a good reputation for your brand.  

3. Your contact information is hard to find 

Some websites opt to exclude having their contact information on their website. Having your contact information on your website is extremely important because it allows your customers to reach you about their concerns regarding your products and services. When your contact information isn’t available on your website, you may lose your credibility and potentially lose more customers.  

Make sure you speak to your website designer and include a contact or help page on your website. Another option is to have a bit of your contact information on your website’s header or footer. 

4.Your check-out process might be too long 

Having a long check-out process is like waiting in line for a long time in a supermarket. Ideally, your check out process should be short and sweet. If you bombard your consumers with too many questions before they finalise their purchase, you may be giving them a bad customer experience.  

Make sure your check-out process is straightforward. Minimise your process into 3-4 steps, allow customers to purchase without needing to sign up and eliminate unnecessary information form fields.  

5. Security is not prioritised 

When you have an eCommerce website, money transactions will be involved and personal information will always be required. Because of this, you must keep your customers’ data safe from hackers, malware and viruses.  

One of the critical tasks your web designer and developers will have to do is see to it that your website is properly secured. They will ensure that your website has an SSL certificate on the URL bar to let your consumers know that your website is secure. Another way to ensure your customers that your website is secured is by adding security badges during check-out.  


Working with a reputable website design company will help you develop an ideal and effective eCommerce website to improve your business’s sales. You shouldn’t sleep on these mistakes, and make the necessary changes immediately if you see some of these blunders on your website! 

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