3 Tips to Make Your Business Website More Mobile-Friendly

3 Tips to Make Your Business Website More Mobile-Friendly

Launching a business website is a common practice nowadays as more shoppers prioritise e-commerce services. This is even more so in 2020, with the global pandemic and social distancing protocols forcing us to look for products and services online. However, simply having a business website may not be enough to engage your customers.  

Mobile-friendly websites have also become more popular nowadays with many businesses, but should you follow this trend or not?

This article will help you decide what to do about your current business website and determine whether you should invest in a mobile-friendly basic website design. Remember—the point is to develop a customer-focused website and go about it strategically.  

1. Consider the opinions of your current customers  

Your job as a business owner is to take note of what your customers are saying to improve your business and gain their trust. It is important to ask their opinions about your current website and whether they may prefer a more mobile-friendly version. You also need to strike a balance between their opinions and what you think a typical customer in your niche would want.  

One of the best ways to gauge what your customers’ sentiments are and strike a balance is to check the reviews and comments section of your website. You can consult with professional website builders and digital marketing specialists throughout this process to gain their valuable insight into your customers’ preferences and the current reality of your niche.  

Another customer-focused way to gauge whether a mobile-friendly site may work for your business is to look into your target demographic, specifically their relationship with their mobile phones. Consult with digital marketing specialists to also gain a comprehensive understanding of this.  

2. Visit your competitors’ websites  

You need to know what your competitors are doing to answer the question, “How do I make my website stand out in 2020?” Doing so will help you determine whether your website needs to be mobile-friendly to compete and draw in more customers. You can also look into other website design features, such as how they integrate their calls-to-action and what they do about online payments.  

With insight on your competition, consult with a dedicated team of specialists, like our team at The Online Hub. We can help you come up with unique, high-quality website design ideas and execute them. That way, you can compete effectively and gain that edge you need to scale easily and expand into other markets.  

 3. Come up with a budget  

The combined costs of website design, development, and hosting can become expensive to the point that a mobile-friendly site may not even be within your means. It may worsen your customer experience and acquisition because you put all your investments into one service.  

As such, come up with a comprehensive budget and consider website packages with design, development, and other lucrative services to provide everything that your customers need to enjoy their shopping experience.  

Look at various mobile-friendly packages and compare them to maximise your budget. You can also consult with us at The Online Hub to come up with an affordable, cost-effective solution for your website. We also have affordable SEO services and other budget-oriented solutions to help you serve your customers cost-effectively.  

Conclusion  – 3 Tips to Make Your Business Website More Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly websites are viable investments for modern-day business because they represent the growing reality of shopping and engaging with customers. However, you need to gain insight into your current business situation and target market before venturing into anything new.  

Consider the formerly mentioned tips to assess what to do with your website today to make it not simply mobile-friendly but also customer-friendly.  

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