Revealing the Truth About Branding Myths

Revealing the Truth About Branding Myths

4 Misconceptions:

The term “branding” has existed since times of old. In simpler times, a brand was placed on a clay pot to signify that it was of high quality and could be placed in a burning oven without the risk of cracking. In the present day, branding has less to do with the quality of a product but more with how a certain product or company communicates and becomes meaningful to a community. 

Brands nowadays connect people. For example, people may find it easier to relate to people who drink the same brand of coffee or use the same brand of smartphone they do. However, there are some misconceptions about brands. 

You may find yourself agreeing with some of these misconceptions or being confused about why they are untrue. If that is the case, it may be time to readjust your thinking and open your mind. 

Revealing the Truth About Branding Myths; 

Here are a few branding myths you may have heard (and believed before). Read on to find out how these myths are debunked.  

1. Brands Are Trying to Sell Me Something 

Gone are the days when big brands used to trick customers into buying something from them. These days, brands are all about creating awareness. Brands aim to create a positive connection between them and their target audience. They aim to produce high-quality products and create a bond of trust between them and their clients. 

2. Branding Is Only About Having a Good Logo and Website 

Many people think that branding ends when a logo and website are created. This is a busted myth because branding is supposed to be a continuous process that needs to be applied to how people perceive your brand. Serious thought has to be put into other aspects of your brand, such as the way your brand looks like, what it smells like, what product lines you offer, and many other aspects. In other words, branding is what makes your company unique from all others. Although a logo and website are certainly essential parts of a brand, there are definitely not all there is to branding. 

3. Products + Services = Brands 

If there are people who think a logo and website are all there is to branding, others have the notion that only products and services make up what a brand is supposed to be. Again, while they are partially right, products and services are only part of what branding is. They are not the whole package. 

4. Only Large Enterprises Can Brand Themselves 

This is a myth that should definitely be dispelled. Branding should not depend on the size of the business. Whether you have a small company that has just opened its doors for business or if you are a large enterprise that is thinking about diversifying, branding is a must. Your brand will define what kind of business you are, and it will represent how your target market relates to you. 


Now that you have been enlightened about what branding is, you will hopefully be able to improve your brand strategy. These days, competition is steep, and branding is everything. Since most companies have transitioned into online services, having a strong digital presence is a great way to revamp your brand strategy. If you are new to digital marketing and do not know where to start, don’t worry! Hiring a tried and tested digital marketing agency can help you get where you need to be. 

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