Page Experience - A New Factor in SEO and How to Prepare for It

Page Experience SEO – A New Factor in SEO and How to Prepare for It

Page Experience might be a relatively new term to you when it comes to SEO. That is because Google only recently introduced it and is announcing its use as a metric in 2021. This addition should not be surprising, knowing that Google is always updating its search engine algorithms to create the best user experience possible. Unfortunately, this means more work on your end, having to keep track of Page Experience to maximize your SEO efforts. 

With that said, here is more that you should know about Page Experience in relation to SEO. 

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The ranking factors 

While Google keeps track of hundreds of different factors to ensure the right websites land on the right search engine results pages, some factors carry much more weight than others. For example, backlinks, loading speed, user experience, search intent, and mobile-friendliness all play a massive role in separating a decent website from an excellent one. 

Page Experience as a metric 

You may be wondering why Page Experience is being introduced when other factors, like the user experience, are already part of SEO. That is because Google is now creating a new category directed at tracking the signals to see what users experience when interacting with a certain web page or website. This goes even further as Google states that Page Experience will track the website’s value beyond the information it provides. 

In other words, how a visitor feels about your website will affect its rankings heavily. This means that if visitors generally show shared dislike for your website, the Page Experience factor is going to hurt your rankings. On the other hand, if they show signs of enjoying your website, you will be rewarded with better rankings. 

Preparing for the updates 

Other than Page Experience itself, there will be various other updates that will be made to search algorithms. To be thoroughly prepared for them, there are a few things you can do. 

The first thing you should do is ensure your website is responsive and loads quickly. This is because loading speeds significantly affect your website’s experience, and long loading times can irritate and frustrate your visitors. 

Second, you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. With the majority of all internet activity done on mobile devices, this is a given if you want to capture most of the audience. 

Finally, ensuring that your website is protected and secured plays a vital role in keeping your visitors safe when using your website. This is possible in various ways, such as encrypting your website with HTTPS. 

Conclusion – Page Experience SEO

Page Experience will just be one of many future updates that Google will introduce to its search engine algorithms. Keeping up with these updates can be a lot of work, but we guarantee that doing so will pay off. After all, updating your website’s SEO means that it can remain relevant, high-ranked, and successful against your competitors. 

If you find yourself lagging behind the rest of your competition, do not hesitate to work with a digital agency with expertise in SEO. They will ensure your SEO is up to date, implementing the latest and greatest methods to keep you on top of your game and search engine results pages. 

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