Local SEO Tips - 3 Ways to Improve Your Foot Traffic and Rankings

Local SEO Tips – 3 Ways to Improve Your Foot Traffic and Rankings

Businesses today are thrust in a digitally-driven, dog-eat-dog landscape wherein start-ups and 200 fortune companies alike are striving to grab the market’s attention. Various digital solutions can even the playing field and give SEM businesses a fighting edge. One of the most prominent strategies that can help entrepreneurs catch up with top tycoons is local SEO 

When your business relies on operating within regional levels, an effective way to catapult your growth is to improve your local SEO strategies. By putting your services and products in front of your audience’s feeds and near me search results, you have higher chances of directing quality leads to your website. 

With that in mind, here are some simple yet effective tactics that can get your business on foot in the door of your industry:  

Tip #1: Optimise Your Listings  

Running a small business wherein your geographic location matters need to be part of business listings if you want to improve your authoritative presence in search results.  

Utilising Google My Business is an excellent way to place your business on SERPs, making it easier for your local market to find your location. Optimising your listings include keeping your information up-to-date and accurate so that curious customers can seamlessly take note of your directories online.  

In addition to your business description, your website link, address, and hours of operation, adding high-resolution photos of your logo, products, and interiors can help set your listing apart from your competitors. 

Tip #2: Incorporate Local Landing Pages To Your Website 

If you want to drive your local performance, creating a dedicated landing page that provides complete information on your brick-and-mortar stores in different locations is a game-changer. Not only does it improve the customer experience with its focused navigation, but it also bolsters your CTA and evokes the ideal response from your customers, especially when expressing the uniqueness of your services or products.  

The local pages can be an excellent channel for customers to follow your social media channels, or it can be a powerful tool where you can provide updates on local store promotions. Either way, adding a local landing page to your website should improve your geo-targeted presence.  

Tip #3: Enhance Your NAP Consistency  

Adding your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on various pages on your site may seem like a minor detail, but improving your NAP consistency across multiple search results can boost your credibility and solidify your legitimacy in search engines.  

The Bottom Line: How A Solid Local SEO Strategy Can Skyrocket Your Traffic In More Ways Than Ever  

Improving your local SEO can get the ball rolling for your business as it sets a stronger foundation, allowing you to build a reliable online presence that is easy to find in local search results.  

How Can We Help with Local SEO? 

Ramping up your ranking in search results involves combining digital solutions tailored to your marketing needs and audience. Adapting SEO practices can be tricky, but our full-service digital marketing agency in Australia can help catapult SEM businesses ahead of the competition by integrating results-driven and client-centric strategies.  

 With our curated SEO services, we can improve your localisation and drive more foot traffic to your website. We also offer other digital marketing services, web development, branding, and even cloud-hosting, so get in touch with us if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop that can bolster your bottom line.  

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a online strategy for search engine optimisation, that helps increase your business be seen in local search results on Google.

How Does Local SEO Work?

When you search on Google for keywords related to a business and you see a map with 3 listings appears underneath it (also known as a snack pack), this is local SEO i.e showing you local businesses.

How can Local SEO can work for your small business?

Like all small businesses you want exposure, especially when online is so important. The ultimate is to push your website up the search results page to relevant search terms. Users mainly prefer to look for local business to deal with, for example if a user is looking for an 'emergency plumber' they will type in their location as they'll want a local service. And users searching using their phones will normally have location services switched on and search engines will typically know their location.