How to Create Successful SEO Strategies

How to Create Successful SEO Strategies

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the second most effective digital marketing strategy next to email marketing. That’s why many companies with business websites are apt to employ SEO tactics to gain online presence and drive traffic to their sites, aside from having an excellent website design. Their goal is to ensure that their sites end up on the top ranks on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) environment. But what’s surprising after having optimised their sites, written content, or built links is that their websites remain at the bottom of the page.

If confronted with such a situation, pause and think of why your SEO isn’t working for your website. The chances are that you are committing grave mistakes—without you knowing it. That said, below are some SEO problems you should avoid by all means:

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Setting unrealistic goals

It’s said that highly skilled SEO experts are apt to implement a campaign that yields positive results within three months. However, know that four to six months is the realistic time to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign and see a manifestation of top site ranking on search engines.

So when you are not seeing the results just yet, it could be that you or your hired SEO agency have been setting unrealistic goals. That said, make sure to be consistent with your SEO implementation—and be patient! Perform an agile approach by constantly monitoring, maintaining, and tweaking your site. A consistent campaign can show improvements after six to 12 months.

2. Having a slow website

If you think that a slow website greatly impacts your visitors, think again. It doesn’t only affect the users, but also the Google SEO spiders. When these spiders crawl and index your website and content, they’ll instantly assume that your site doesn’t deserve the top ranking. This is because page speed is one of Google’s major ranking signals. Know that slow pages have higher bounce rates and are bad for user experience (UX). That said, make sure that when you work on your website design, you get acquainted with Google PageSpeed Insights to make your site faster than ever.

3. Lacking link juice on your site

Apart from site optimisation and content creation, building links from credible sources on your site can make a difference in your rankings. The Google rule of thumb is for sites to have quality links from reputable sources. In fact, the more inbound links your website has from high-trust, high-authority, high-traffic sites, the higher your ranking will be. How do you achieve this then? Reviewing a product you use regularly and including a backlink to your site can build links. You can also write and distribute authoritative blogs to generate more backlinks.

4. Publishing poor content

In the digital world, content is king. There’s no better way than to create quality content that doesn’t only resonate with the audience but also appeal to Google spiders. Whether they are words, photos, or videos, these pieces of content should comply with the Google guidelines.

First off, conduct keyword research and use these popularly searched phrases in your content. Secondly, keep up with EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness). This means that your content should be well-researched, relevant, and valuable. Finally, create a more substantive and useful content, instead of thin content (light in volume and value).

Final words

Ultimately, your SEO should lift your site up—and not drag it down. If your marketing efforts bring your site down, then you may be committing one or some of these common mistakes outlined above. Avoid these mistakes at all costs by setting SMART goals, increasing your site’s speed, building trusted links, and producing valuable content. Whether you’ve had a bash at doing your own SEO or have hired an agency to help you out, you’ve got to ensure that it’s done right—and that it works wonders for your business!

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