Enhance Your Digital Marketing With SMS Marketing Strategies

Enhance Your Digital Marketing With SMS Marketing Strategies

In today’s flurry of internet marketing services, people may be forgetting one simple yet effective marketing method that reaches customers more easily than ever before: SMS marketing. Through SMS messaging, brands can reach audiences in shorter, more concise messages.  

While email marketing affords you the luxury of sharing several pertinent details with your reader, SMS marketing forces you to execute campaigns suitable for short attention spans, lest the shoppers you’re reaching out to get burnt out.  

Here’s a look at how you can create and execute an SMS marketing strategy for your business and the campaigns that are most effectively conducted through this medium.  

Types of SMS Marketing Strategies  

Some strategies work better than others on the type of marketing that you’re doing. For SMS marketing, fast information on sales and promos are most suitable. 

1. Promos and flash sales 

When done right, time-bound discount sales can always work. They’re engaging and keep your customers alert for opportunities to snag something at a discount. It also works as a positive feedback loop for customers who are subscribed to you by acting as a reward.  

SMS marketing works because the alert reaches your customer immediately, alerting them of the flash sale. While your web design might have a promo page that leads to an email campaign, it isn’t ideal for sending several notifications about the same sale to the customer’s inbox—they would find that to be spammy and annoying. But SMS works because you’re sending just several short texts, which is normal to get on a daily basis from the same sender.  

2. Alerts on discounts 

You can instantly gain a lead by asking if your audience would like to be notified if the item goes on sale. Then you can follow up later with an SMS message informing them of the price drop, which can help you get more leads. A sample text would read something to the effect of “Discount alert! The accessories you wanted are now half off! Head on over to (link to website).”  

Because discount or price drop alerts are time-sensitive, they allow you to encourage customers to take advantage of the opportunity before it expires. Before your discount or clearance sale ends, ensure to text customers that they only have a few days left. This will almost guarantee conversions to sales! 

3. Notifications for back in stock  

Items that are out of stock usually cause conversions to drop, but by sending shoppers a text message on replenished stocks on the item they’re waiting for is advantageous for both you and the customer. You recover a conversion, and at the same time, the customer is delighted to see that your brand has restocked the item again just for them!  

Make sure that you immediately text your customer that the item is out of stock and that they’ll be notified immediately once restocks are on hand. Since it’s a relatively simple message, it can be kept short and sweet.  

4. Loyalty programs 

Your loyal customers are some of your most important ones, and they should be rewarded regularly. This is where loyalty programs come in, as discount “points” are a great incentive for them to keep buying from your brand. After all, it takes fewer resources to convert an existing customer rather than a new shopper—so make sure to reward your most loyal customers to keep them coming back for more. Many brands have successfully done this with reward cards and membership perks.  

SMS marketing is perfect for loyalty programs because it can keep customers updated on their number of redeemable points and what rewards they’re eligible for. These text message alerts are also a good reminder to claim the points before they expire—a reminder that wouldn’t be as effective or appropriate if done through email! 

Conclusion to Enhance Your Digital Marketing With SMS Marketing Strategies 

SMS marketing isn’t meant to replace your other digital marketing strategies; it should supplement the campaigns you have going on your website and social media pages. At the same time, SMS marketing isn’t enough on its own! It needs to lead to the website in order to be effective—and by employing this kind of strategy, you can get customers to take action more quickly than ever before. 

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