Brand Awareness - You Need to Know About

The 3 Kinds of Brand Awareness You Need to Know About

As a business owner, one of your responsibilities is to develop ways to promote your brand by applying effective marketing campaigns to get consumers to buy your products or services. But before you begin deciding on a strategy, you should first be aware of the various kinds of brand awareness that can help the public recognise your company better. 

There are several methods to choose from that can guide your potential customers to be familiar with your brand. Keep reading below to find out the typical kinds of brand awareness to help you figure out which one can guide your business to achieve greater profit.  

Brand Recall 

Brand recall is the term used when customers can remember a brand based on their memory after coming across a product category that reminds them of your business. When someone hears a specific class of product or service, they are suddenly reminded of brand names they don’t necessarily support but do know about. 

A regular consumer can recall at least three brands of a category they find interesting, while those who are avid users of a particular category can think of up to seven brand names or more. Brand recall proves that there is a connection between a product category and a brand. 

In addition, brand recall is also known as unaided or spontaneous recall. The ability for consumers to recall a brand based on their product category is affected by the awareness set size, amount of usage, brand loyalty, and other situations.   

Brand Recognition 

When consumers can distinguish a brand the moment they see it, that’s what’s known as brand recognition. While your customer doesn’t necessarily have to remember your brand’s name, they can easily remember what product or service you’re offering. 

You can achieve brand recognition through the use of marketing campaigns, advertisements, product packaging, logos, and commercial jingles. These instances are defined as aided brand recall. People who come across a situation that seems familiar to them have a chance to recognise the brand that it’s made for. 

If your customers are accustomed to knowing your company well, it proves that your marketing strategy is working and your target audience is reacting positively to it. You can even reach a bigger crowd by applying aided brand recall so that people can distinguish your brand better than if they relied on their memory alone just to remember what category you belong to.   

Brand Dominance 

Brand dominance is the term used when consumers are given a product category, and all they can think of is one brand name out of all the hundreds of businesses available. If you walk up to a group of consumers and you give them a product category, and they all blurt out a single brand name in a chorus, then that company has successfully become a household name. 

Corporations like Apple, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s are famous household names that have proven time and time again of the success of their brands. In other cases, people mistake brand names for their product category—which just ends up improving a brand’s reach. 

The brands that can be an equivalent to the product category they belong to are known to be generic brands. While it’s okay to become generic, your competitors have the chance to act as an alternative and may be more preferred by some consumers who want other options. 


When it comes to developing a marketing approach which puts your brand out there in hopes of gaining customers and improving your image, you must first know the right strategy to apply. Understanding brand recall, brand recognition, and brand dominance can give you a better grasp of learning how to promote your business—allowing you to leave a lasting impression to your customers more efficiently. 

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