5 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

5 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2021 

1. Website Load Time and Page Speed

With Google signalling its intention to use expected user page experience signals as a ranking factor in its search results pages (with the landing page update expected to start rolling out in May 2021), web designers will no doubt pay particular attention to any design elements that can impact on website load times and page speed – as these are deemed to be some of the biggest determinates of positive user experiences on a web page.  

2. Muted and Calming Colours

Following on from the dark mode themes that gained popularity in 2020, web designers are starting to pay increased attention to colour schemes that are gentle on the eye.  With our lives at work and at home now being dominated by digital interactions, it is common for users to experience eye strain if overexposed to excessively bright and bold colours.  The psychological impact of colours on people is something that has been studied for years and after such an unexpectedly challenging year in 2020, it may be that there is a strong appetite for colours that soothe and make the user feel safe and comfortable as we move through 2021. Soft colour palettes, like pastel blues, warmer browns or light pinks will likely feature heavily in web design trends for 2021.

3. Organic Designs

Organic designs refers to elements in design and art that are inspired by the natural world (things like warm, earthy colour palettes and non-geometric shapes and lines).  These have long been popular with graphic designers and we expect to see them increasingly used in web designs throughout 2021.

4. Cartoon Illustrations

Complimenting organic design elements with their non-linear shapes, cartoon designs can add a touch of fun and humanity to a web design project.  The use of cartoon illustrations in web design has been increasing for a number of years and shows no sign of abating.  Web designers in 2021 are increasingly conscious of trying to connect with an audience on a more personal level and cartoon illustrations enable them to do that while fuelling the imagination.

5. Retro Fonts

All fonts and typefaces go through popularity peaks and troughs, but retro fonts experienced a surge in usage within the brand design community throughout 2020 and we expect this to cross over into web design through 2021.  When speaking of retro fonts, we do not mean the re-using of tired old fonts that have been around since before the web was born, rather brand elements that are inspired by some of the more elegant fonts and typefaces of the past yet retain a modern twist.  In keeping with a desire to leave behind the chaos and discomfort caused by events of 2020, we anticipate that there will be a trend towards simple, elegant and minimal styles.  

Given how fast the web design industry moves, It is always exciting to see how design trends continue to evolve.  While there is every chance that 2021 will throw up some surprises along the way, it seems clear that web design trends in 2021 will be dominated by a necessary increase in focus on user experience as Google evolves in search algorithm still further.  For those of us in the industry wanting to support local businesses, this can only be a good thing.  

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