3 Common PPC Mistakes That Are Dragging Your Marketing Campaigns 

3 Common PPC Mistakes That Are Dragging Your Marketing Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a long-standing digital solution that has been increasing visibility for businesses left and right. Its ability to attract customers quickly compared to organic methods make it a powerful tool amongst one’s high-converting marketing arsenal, but running a successful PPC campaign is never a straightforward process.  

Optimisation techniques, CTRs, and the quest to reach the optimal quality score can easily throw marketers off track, so updating your knowledge on industry-practices should help you steer clear from common mistakes that can weaken your strategy.  

Mistake #1: Missing the Target on your Keyword Search and Account Structure  

One of the biggest factors that can make or mar a PPC campaign is its Google Ads account structure, which is what determines what triggers your ads and where it should appear. Think of it as the engine that drives your campaign forward – when it has a poor build, you’re bound to run into potholes in your strategy.  

The simplest way to improve your account structure is to ensure the ad groups contain exact matches, as broad keywords would only spread yourself thin and lead to wasted clicks. Structuring your Ad Groups according to the relevant topic or idea should also ease the workload and optimise its performance.  

Mistake #2: Failing to Separate your PPC Networks  

Lumping your campaigns together with different networks can quickly turn into a mess, making it challenging to differentiate each platform’s metrics. Segmenting your search network and display network campaigns should simplify the process of analysing their performance, allowing you to stay on top of the progress in your Google Ads, Bing Ads, Adroll, and more.  

Mistake #3: Forgetting about Negative Keywords 

When it comes to keyword research, most marketers overlook the importance of identifying negative keywords. These are a targeting option that allows you to filter who sees your ad, which helps mitigate wasted clicks by preventing the ad from showing up on irrelevant searches due to a specific word.  

Ensuring your ad doesn’t show up on search queries that don’t match your targeted keywords is a simple yet effective money-saving strategy that can improve your quality score and boost your conversion rate.  

The Bottom Line: Avoiding PPC Mistakes to Ensure your Efforts Drive Positive Results for your Business 

There are always mistakes to make in PPC advertising since it’s an ever-evolving space, so what works today may not be as effective as the next. Steering clear from these marketing pitfalls should bolster your campaigns and ensure it’s click-worthy for your target audience.  

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